National Contractors Insurance Ltd.


Letter from the President

2009 brought the most challenging business environment most of our member companies have ever seen. With wildly fluctuating sales, personnel and financing issues in our member businesses, National Contractors Insurance Ltd. (NCI) continued to provide its members with a safe and reliable source of insurance coverages.

NCI was formed in 1997 to provide small to medium sized commercial specialty contractors with a quality, controlled source of liability, workers’ compensation and auto insurance. Prior to joining NCI, our member companies had obtained coverage in the conventional marketplace, often seemingly at the whim of insurers. Being a part of NCI insulates us from the brunt of year after year market forces and gives us control over our insurance costs.

Currently numbering 93 companies, our members are the top class of their respective industries. We are street and road builders, masonry, mechanical, electrical, and concrete contractors, underground and above ground utility installers, and many other diversified specialty commercial contractors. We possess broad expertise, and advocate hands on management, financial stability and the shared belief that our people are our most important asset. The safety of our people is a value wound into the very core of our businesses.

I believe that the events of the past year, though extremely difficult, will place the member companies of NCI in a more favorable light within our respective industries. It is our very involvement in NCI that will allow us to take advantage of a changing market place and serve our customers in an even greater capacity in the future.

Thanks to those of you who are currently part of our team. You make NCI what it is.

Gary Nonemacher, President